Lifeform funds in under 8 hours!

The Kickstarter campaign for Lifeform got off to an amazing start, fully funding in just under 8 hours and reaching number 2 in the Kicktraq Hot List!! With 32 days still to go this will be a nail biting wait for the finish. 

Lifeform coming to Kickstarter!!

KICKSTARTER launching on Thursday 29th March 2018!!!!

We are delighted to bring you the news that Hall or Nothing Productions will be publishing the next great title from game design guru Mark Chaplin... LIFEFORM!!! As huge fans of Mark Chaplin and followers of his games over the years this is a very exciting opportunity for us. 

Lifeform is a loving ode to the best sci-fi horror movie of all time...

Lifeform is a standalone, diceless game of survival horror for two to four players that tells the story of twelve commercial astronauts working on a battered mining starship, far away in space and time, who encounter an awesome galactic horror. Featuring an innovative self-destruct game mechanism, and alternate playable endings, depending on crew success, Lifeform presents a tense, suspenseful adventure with each and every game.

Airecon 2018

Hall or Nothing had a stand at Airecon 2018 and was delighted to meet and mingle with so many fellow game enthusiasts. Tristan had a busy weekend demoing Gloom of Kilforth and speaking to visitors about 1066, Tears to Many Mother and Lifeform.  Meeting current backers and new converts alike was a real pleasure and all in all Airecon was a huge success. Thanks to all of you who came to visit us!

GoK reprint & expansions!

The campaign for the second print run of Gloom of Kilforth plus expansions fully funded in under 4 hours and eventually raised a staggering 769% of its funding goal on Kickstarter!  It's not too late to pledge however as orders are still being taken on BackerKit.

Gloom of Kilforth Voted no. 6 in Tabletop Gaming Magazine's Top Ten Game of the Year 2017

We were delighted to be voted at number 6 in Tabletop Gaming Magazine's Game of the Year 2017!  Dan Jolin from TTGM stated "...there’s something wrong with you if you don’t get a tingle of excitement every time you waggle your fingers around in Hall’s lucky-dip-style, drawstring loot bag. " Click on the image above to read the article.


  • "Delivers a truly epic and exciting narrative feel that’ll keep drawing you back to its gorgeous-but-deadly world. " Dan Jolin, Tabletop Gaming Magazine
  • "One of the most beautiful games in the history of games..." Rory J Somers.
  • "The high production quality is particularly remarkable, and the box feels worth every penny." James Philips, GamesQuest
  •  "A sumptuous, unique adventure.. A superb game that has hit my table sooooo many times" Giles Pound BSoMT
  • "As a solo game this is easily among the best. I love this game." Josh Walton
  •  "I can say with high confidence that this game is a homerun for me." Lonny x 
  • "If you are looking for an immersive game that builds a world for your imagination to wander then I can strongly recommend this game." C Millard
  • " Mr Hall aimed high with this Kickstarter project, and did not go into it with any intention to deliver anything less than the best one-session adventure game on the market. For me, and I think for more than a few others, Tristan hit his mark." James Fallows
  •   "A solid addition to my fantasy game collection" Mike Clarke