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Gloom of Kilforth: A Fantasy Quest Game


The land of Kilforth is a perilous domain filled with nefarious monsters, mysterious Strangers and treacherous Locations, and dominated at its centre by The Sprawl, a huge city where intrepid Heroes begin their journey to fame and fortune. Throughout the land various factions vie for power over each other, such as the supposedly noble Order of the Rose or the terrifying Doom Guard. And presiding over the world outside Kilforth is the ever-present Overlord, Masklaw. Over the coming month, a deadly Gloom will descend upon Kilforth,which the Heroes must Battle through to prove their worth, defeat an Ancient evil, and save the land from darkness.

Gloom of Kilforth is a card game of high fantasy with a Gothic edge, playable in 1-3 hours, where 1-4 players, working individually or together, must take their humble adventurers on a journey through a dark world of magic and peril. They will visit strange places, stranger people and overcome powerful enemies in their mission to discover mysterious artefacts and mystical Spells. Players follow their Hero’s tale from modest beginnings through an epic story to an exciting climactic battle for the fate of the world. Gloom of Kilforth takes about 45 minutes per player to play.                                            

Gloom of Kilforth: 2nd Print Run & Expansions


Now taking late pledges!

Wave 1 - Reprint of Gloom of Kilforth: A Fantasy Quest Game (+ differences from 1st print run!!)

Wave 1 will be delivered in the first half of 2018.  This is a reprint of the first print run of Gloom of Kilforth including all of the original Kickstarter stretch goals, and with the following changes:

  • Raging Vampire - will be corrected to say Influence not Study test.
  • The 4 purple enemy tokens will become a colour-blind friendly yellow.

Original owners of the game who want these altered components can request them at no extra charge by purchasing any of the expansions below. The rulebook will be getting updates for clarity too, and will be made available as a free digital download to everyone.

‘Dark Gloom’ Alternate Art Pack!!

This is a small set of duplicate cards but with original artwork that was either a bit too terrifying, or a bit too racy for a PG rating. These are simply duplicates of existing cards but with slightly different art - they are not required for play. If you do purchase them you can either replace your existing copies with them, or just shuffle them into your games along with their existing counterparts.

‘Pimp My Gloom’ Upgrade Kit!!  Includes:

  • A bigger velvet bag
  • More Dice - 6 white, 6 black
  • 16 Race Art Standees, 8 of each gender, with plastic stands
  • 4 Ancients standees with plastic stands
  • Larger Replacement Location cards with black and white Gloom sides
  • Player Aid cards

Where do I sign up??

We are now taking late pledges.  Find us on BackerKit or click on the link on our homepage.

Gloom of kilforth 3rd PRINT RUN - price list

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Shadows of Kilforth

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1066, Tears To Many Mothers

A promise has been made and broken, an evil omen is in the sky, a crown is at stake, and history is about to be made. It is April 1066 and Harold Godwinson, King of England, faces a deadly challenge from William the Bastard, Duke of Normandy. William believes that Harold has broken his solemn oath by claiming the English crown, and the matter must be settled by force, in a battle the likes of which Europe has never seen...

Will you rally your Saxon forces to defend the English crown from the invading Norman heathens?  Or will you muster papal support and have your Norman army crusade against the usurper Saxons?

1066, Tears to Many Mothers is an asymmetric, competitive tactical card game in the style of Magic the Gathering, but non-collectable.  In other words, whilst we do have plans for other theatres of conflict as future stand-alone sets, you will receive the complete game in the box. 

Outwit your enemy & recreate the Battle of Hastings in this multi-award nominated, 1-2 player, 30-40 minute, card game. Designed by Tristan Hall, the game follows the momentous events of that seismic year in English history. Each player, as either Normans or Saxons, musters troops and resources to overcome the various obstacles in their way before their two armies clash on the battlefield at Hastings.    

See the price list below and click on the 'Late Pledge Now' button to order your copy!

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++++Incoming Transmission++++

++++ Received: 24/09/2195+++

+++Source: Antares binary system 876/ 978+++

''ID: Industrial Salvage and Mining Vessel Valley Forge

Crew: 12 Human
Androids: 1 Andromech 580-A “Demigod” class
Engines: Hagfish Twin FTL J-3000 Tachyon Shunters
Navigation: SIS-TER 6000 Mainframe
Cargo: 2,000,000 tons of Mineral Ore; 3 tons of Trimonite
Logged Flight Plan: Thedus to Earth

Message begins:


Mayday, Mayday! This is the ISMV Valley Forge – comms systems failing, scanners malfunctioning… one of us is missing. Several of the crew are also claiming to have seen an alien lifeform.
Ore-payload canister M-CXC-3790 ruptured when taken for processing. Doctor Chandra claimed it cracked like an egg before she vanished (possible space psychosis). Request advice, and rescue boat. Comms out.


Message Appended- Received 24/09/2195


Oh god! Two of us are dead, and two are still missing. We’ve got to get out of here! The captain has ordered Palmer to prime the auto-destruct. It mustn’t get back! Save our souls.

Lifeform is a game of survival horror for two to four players in which one player takes on the role of an almost invincible, utterly hostile alien, while all other players take on the roles of the crew of commercial mining starship, Valley Forge. During each game, the crew, outfitted with glitchy handheld sensors disrupted by a proximate nebula, search their labyrinthine vessel for equipment, weaponry, and supplies to load onboard escape shuttlecraft Remora. Along the way, the alien lifeform will ruthlessly attempt to stop the crew from carrying out this plan.

The crew and alien lifeform both have a unique deck of cards, and each card has symbols on it to indicate possible actions. The alien can move around the starship, attack, cocoon, activate a malfunctioning android, sabotage equipment and the vessel's wiring, scurry into vents, and more; while the starship crew can fire flamethrowers, search, move or run, protect themselves with shock-prods, hide, shut security doors, and other actions.

Lifeform is a standalone, dice-less game that tells of twelve commercial astronauts working on a battered mining starship, far away in space and time, who encounter an awesome galactic horror. Featuring an innovative self-destruct game mechanism, and alternate playable endings, depending on crew success, Lifeform presents a tense, suspenseful adventure with each and every game.


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